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Assistance with:

Design of experiments

Survival data analysis

Longitudinal data analysis

Case-control analysis

Cohort/prospective data analysis

Health services/utilization research

Genetic epidemiology

Data collection methods

Sample size and power calculations

Publication support

Randomization and sampling schemes

Data entry, management and validation

Interim and/or exploratory data analyses

Descriptive, univariate, and multivariate analyses

Data summaries, reports and presentations

Consulting Services

Statistical support provided to epidemiologist, biologist, medical researchers, physicians and other professionals engaged in biomedical research.

If you are a student seeking statistical support please read our policy regarding assistance to students

Assistance is available with the conceptualization, planning, design and analysis of epidemiologic and clinical research studies.

Specific focus areas include survival data analysis, longitudinal data analysis, design and analysis of case-control and cohort epidemiologic studies, health services research and genetic epidemiology.

Fee information can be found here.

For additional information or to discuss your particular needs, please e-mail us at:

or call us at : (501) 349-8025

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