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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do you provide a free initial consult?

Yes. We provide a free 30 minutes initial consultation. This can be over the phone or email. The goal will be to determine if we can assist you and to evaluate whether there is mutual interest in the project.

Do you only analyze data in Stata?

For data analysis we prefer using Stata, although we can also use SAS if required. If your particular problem requires a method only available in another package such as R, we can also accommodate that need. However, know that we are most efficient in Stata and consequently work in other packages may take longer to complete.

What are your feeds, how do you charge and how can I pay?

Depending on your needs we can either charge you a fixed amount to complete a project or we can charge an hourly rate. Fixed amount works best when there is a clearly detailed project document with known deliverables and you do not expect deviations from the document. Hourly rate is best for small projects and for project which are not clearly detail and may require data management, editing or may require further analyses depending on other outcomes. Hourly rates are charge in 15 minute increments. Our hourly fee depends on your affiliation:
  • Students (Ph.D., M.S.): $55/hour
  • Academia and solo practice: $85/hour
  • Group practice and non-profit: $120/hour
  • Industry: $185/hour
We accept all major credit cards as well as PayPal and Venmo.

I am programming in Stata and only need help with a small portion of code. Can you help?

At our discretion, we will provide free assistance with any Stata programming difficulty as long as it is small and does not require substantial time to resolve. This is usually limited to program debugging or providing information about how to perform certain analyzes or tasks in Stata. You can submit your query either by email or using our contact form.
For more involved issues please see our consulting or programming services.

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